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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amazing Fruits to Eat For Diabetics

Diabetes is annoying and diabetics resort to all sorts of methods for controlling it. In any case suffering from diabetes is one of the most annoying experiences. Patients need lifelong treatment and medication and at the same time confront multiple restrictions relating to food and lifestyle. More than anything else the diet plan for diabetics may be boring and irritating and even eating sweet fruits could be prohibited for the patient.
Good news is that there are at least 3 amazing fruits for diabetics that could really control the blood sugar levels. A diabetic has to keep in mind that controlling blood sugar does not involve medicine and treatment alone but also controlling food habits. Food containing cholesterol and fats should be avoided at all costs. In addition one needs some regular workouts, at least walking a distance to keep the blood sugar levels under control.

While generally sweet fruits could be detrimental for diabetics, three fruits that can help control the blood glucose are apple, jambul, and grapefruit. One of the prime concerns of both the patient and the physician would be to decide whether fruits can help control blood sugar in reality. The answer is simple. Like high fiber and low carbohydrate containing vegetables these fruits can also help control diabetes.
Apple and citrus fruits are good for diabetics since they contain pectin. The component helps in lowering the requirements of insulin in the body and help converting glucose in the blood stream into energy. Apple also has vitamin B1 that helps prevent damage to brain that is often one of the worst affects of diabetes. Raw apple, cooked apple, or apple in other forms is all beneficial to body.

It has been clinically established beyond all reasonable doubts that Jambul is very good for preventing diabetes. Known popularly as the black plum, the fruit controls the conversion of starch in to blood sugar. Even the barks, leaves and flowers of the tree can be used for controlling the sugar levels in the blood. Major affects of diabetes like frequent thirst and urination can be controlled by eating the fruit.
Third and also very useful among the fruits is grapefruit. Red grapes that contain citrus taste can regenerate energy when the sugar levels are down. In fact grape fruit is common ingredient in the diet for healthy cure from diabetes.

All the three amazing fruits that can help prevent and even cure diabetes come in the sweet fruit categories. If you wish to have some bitter taste to it then there is Momordica Charantia, the bitter albeit popular fruit.
Controlling blood sugar levels is an art.

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